Sargi Phooto or Mushroom,It is one of the important part of Bastar's cuisin


Mushrooms are an important part of Bastar's culture. Mushrooms that grow easily anywhere are mainly included in Bastaria food. In Bastar, almost every type of mushroom is eaten under the popular name of Putu. Any putu of any species is sold immediately in the market. People are so fond of eating its vegetables that mushrooms are bought with their hands and at exorbitant prices.

This is a profitable business for the villagers who sell puttu in the market. Villagers know from traditional knowledge which mushrooms found in the forest are edible. Many species of mushroom are eaten in Bastar. Mushrooms have a simple fungal structure.

Mushrooms are basically divided into two parts. The first part remains in the form of an umbrella and the second part in the form of a stick. Both parts are edible. There are many types of mushroom like white umbrella, mace, buttoned, paira putu(paddystraw), chest puttu, dengur putu, hardulia manzoordhundha and tenduchati etc. There are many such putu. This is Putu Sargi Putu which comes out only under the Sal trees. Here the year is called Sargi. Puttu vegetable is very tasty and delicious.

Putu is rich in digestible carbohydrates and proteins. It can be eaten by children from old to healthy or sick people anytime without any hesitation. Due to the high amount of natural fiber in it, it is especially beneficial for people suffering from the problem of gas and constipation.

This reduces the risk of heart attack. There are many benefits of eating mushrooms. Some mushrooms are extremely poisonous. Consuming poisonous mushrooms causes vomiting, diarrhea and a state of unconsciousness, in such a situation death can also occur.

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