Jaggery to increase immunity in the diet of tribals

There is both protein and purity in the food of the tribals living in the midst of nature.So much for the lives of tribals in the jungles of Bastar.Tribals know and use every vegetation of the forest, among them there are many such things for which developed countries are yearning. Tribals enjoy the fruits of Tendu, found in the forest. Bakul's soda cleans the stomach. It is also very expensive but the forest gives all this to the tribals

Turmeric is applied on the ridge of every field, turmeric increases immunity, the tribals eat boiled indigenous turmeric, it is also anti-cancer. The traditional foods of Bastar are full of nutrients.A direct example of this is that till now Bastar. Not a single one of the tribals has been infected with corona, but returned from other states, corona infection has been found only in the villagers of Bastar.

Main natural diet eg.Red Ant which is called in local language as Chapda It is eaten by making tribal chutney, it is also a miraculous medicine.The fruits of the delicious char of the forest look like this.

After this, there is a huge contribution of the Mandia peg in immunity, along with this tribals also eat tuber root, which contains protein as well as many beneficial nutritious things.

Tribals are natural worshipers, they worship nature, they have a big contribution in saving the forest, they take as much as they need. The density of forests in Bastar is very high, but it is slowly disappearing, outsiders are destroying the forests in the name of development. In the end, all we can say is that save the forest, save life.


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