In the modern era, There is a wooden bridge in bastar the traditional engineering skills of Abujhmad.


Due to excessive rainfall, water remains in the river channels of Bastar throughout the year. Due to the geographical condition being very difficult and always, even today there are no bridges on the rivers coming in the way, due to which the villagers have to face difficulties. Today, in the modern era, as far as Bastar has reached, there have been small and big bridges over the rivers.

The same we look at the history of the traffic routes of Bastar two hundred and three hundred years back from today, then it seems that there must have been only one means of crossing the river and nallahs, that is only small boats ... and even today only this Only option is visible.

We cannot even imagine that the villagers here would have built wooden bridges over the rivers, but this bridge built on a river in Abujhmad is a living example of the traditional engineering skills of Abujhmad. The pillar of this wooden bridge is very strong, as if there is a turret of the fort, it can be easily removed on foot or by cycle.

On the same Indravati, this small wooden bridge is also very strong, on which even two wheelers can easily pass. The villagers here are more skilled than the English engineers who built strong bridges on the rivers here. The proof of which is this wooden bridge.

About 120 years ago, Plumbali also built wooden bridges in Bastar during the reign of King Rudrapratap Dev in Bastar. They had built such strong wooden bridges on which big trucks could easily pass. At that time, about 1500 wooden bridges were built in the whole of Bastar.

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