Immortal love story of Jhitku Mitki of Bastar...


In a beautiful small village of Bastar, Jhitku and Mitki fall in love at first sight at a local fair. Jhitku's family had no objection to the marriage, but Mitaki's seven brothers were not ready for it. Mitki's seven brothers did not want to be left alone, they wanted Jhitku to be with them. Jhitku finds a way between the two. He decided to build a house in Mitki's village itself, and they both got married.

After a few years, there was a famine in the village and people started starving. The villagers built a pond to save the rain water, but it worked only during rains. Then, one day some tantrik of the village came up with a solution that unless a person is sacrificed in the pond, the water in the pond would not stop. The villagers retreated after hearing the yajna, but there were some youths in the village who were willing to get the soil.

Some people targeted Jhitku and said that Jhitku should be sacrificed because he is from another village and any young boy can marry Mitki. Mitki's brother saw his selfishness in this. One day when Jhitku and Mitki's brother went to graze the cattle, he tried to kill Jhitku. Near the pond, Mitki's brothers stab Jhitku and throw Jhitku's head into the pond with an axe. After this incident, there was heavy rain in the village.

Mitki, who is waiting for her husband, falls asleep and dreams about the whole incident of Jhitku being killed by her brothers and a pond full of water. She rushes towards the pond and is surprised that what she had seen in the dream is directly in front of her.

Seeing that Jhitku is betrayed by Mitki's brother, Mitki also jumps into the pond and surrenders her life. When the villagers come to the banks of the pond in the morning, they see the bodies of Jhitku and Mitki floating in the pond. In this way both the loving couple have a tragic end.


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