Beautiful Waterfall Milakulwada-Handwara

The priceless gift of nature is Milkulwara-Hadawara Falls, spreading its shade in the middle of the ravine in Orchha block of South Bastar, the little-known waterfall Bastar's waterfall falling directly on the lower rocks from the highest height, but less in terms of water flow, but Goeder's hill is faster than the velocity water flow. The reason boasts of a very beautiful shade in itself. The water flowing through the high-rise mountains at an inaccessible place in the middle of the dense forest area, falls down about one and a half hundred feet in the form of a waterfall. The roaring rumblings caused by the falling of water bodies in the silent dense forests at a distance, makes one realize its existence from a distance.


 Barsur, a site of historical and archaeological importance in the Dantewada district of Bastar division, is called the southern gateway of Abujhmad. Located on National Highway 16, twenty kilometers from Geedam, the unpaved road across the Indravati river of Barsur leads to Hadawada. Being a forest road and being a unpaved road, Handwara can be reached by any vehicle from January to May only.

For the rest of the time one has to cover a long forested route of forty kilometers by foot. It is dangerous to go in the rainy season due to the presence of three mountain streams or rivers on the way. The repair work of roads is started by the Forest Department from November-December.

Officially, the route for traffic starts from January 20. It is preferable to reach the group by own two wheeler or jeep etc. Since the road ahead of Geedam passes through the interior areas, there are sights of settlements till Barsur, but the way beyond this is as soon as the Handwara village crosses the valleys. arrive,



 The settlement with thatched thatched roofs is visible far and wide. There is an ashram run by the Tribal Welfare Department in Hadawada, from here the loud sound of the waterfall starts to be heard. The road ahead is on foot, which is only three kilometers. Amidst the trails, the roaring water body falling from the heights in the hilly area on the north-west side of the settlement can be seen from afar. Milakulwara- Hadawada Falls is a straight down fall from the highest height of Bastar.

This waterfall, built on the Goedar drain coming out of the hill, is very beautiful. Waves of erosion due to strong flow on stone rocks, dense forest on both sides, slight stagnation of water on the upper part of the waterfall and frozen water body like a lake below, molten silver-like pure water on it, as if there is a unique miracle of nature . Indeed, nature has scattered the gift of free hand beauty in Bastar everywhere. Due to the lack of access road, this tourist place is so beautiful and so unknown, and even the people near Barsoor- Geedam are still unaware of this beauty of nature.

If the Dantewada district administration constructs a culvert over the hill drains on the way and constructs a road and provides some facilities, then the door of development will open in this area; This tourist place can also be developed. It is known as Milkulwara-Handawada Falls due to its proximity to Para Milkulwara, adjoining Handwara. Otherwise the people of this area know it as "Goder Ghoomar" or "Goyder-Ghoomar". The waterfall is called 'Ghoomar' in the regional language. Once a tourist comes here and sees this unique creation of nature, then all the fatigue of the journey ends.

On his return, he goes back with beautiful memories in himself.It is rugged and deserted, due to which there is no arrangement for tea and breakfast, so before going to Milkulwara-Handwara, it would be appropriate to keep food with you. Before taking the vehicle, it should be checked thoroughly, fuel etc. is also complete, only then it would be appropriate to leave for this scenic spot. As soon as crossing Indravati, on the newly constructed unpaved road, sometimes the sound of a wild animal is heard in the Nirav Biyavan forest, sometimes

Wild animals like wild rooster, peacock, rabbit are seen. Sometimes peacock flocks are seen walking or flying, then the purpose of tourism is fulfilled as if it is. Some wild animals are also seen in the dense forest, in which it is easy for the villagers to have two-four with bears and leopards. It is best to visit on a weekly market day, Friday, as there is no Bara-Haat market in the vicinity except Barsoor. It is as if the beauty is scattered in the plains here. The deceit and deceit of the mountain rivers on the way can be heard far and wide, as if the music of life is flowing among these innocent tribals. Sealed and dangerously twisted, full of straight ups and downs

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