Attractive waterfall Satdhar, natural beauty of Bastar


The attractive waterfall Satdhar, the natural beauty of Bastar is a unique gift of God, which can find a place in the list of state and national level tourist places. In Bastar, the dense fog covered on the mountain peak of Bailadila in the winter season gives a feel of the valleys of Kashmir, the mountain ranges spread throughout Bastar, the queen of mountains is given a feeling of greenness like Pachmarhi. Small and big rivers flowing with the sound of yesterday, waterfalls formed by the flow falling in a deep rock, caves with black makeup covering the geological beauty, ornaments of Bastar

Where the ruggedness of Chambal gives a sense of adventure in forest tourism. The sight of wild animals doubles the thrill of this tourism. In Bastar, culture and archeology are seen in Barsoor, Gaddhanora, Bhongapal, Kanker, Dantewada. Among them, Barsoor, who was Banasura. The capital was called the capital, it is a tourist center where Battisa Temple, Mama-Bhanja Temple, from the point of view of religious, cultural and archeology, the semi-constructed Indira Hydroelectric Project is important, which was proposed to be built on the river Indravati. Two from the bridge built on this Indravati ,There is a beautiful waterfall far away - 'Satdhar'.

74 KM from Jagdalpur on National Highway 16. Geedam is far away, from where 20 km on the right. The southern gate of Abujhmad and the capital of Banasura, this city is Barsoor. 6 KM from Barsoor Further, a bridge is built over the river Indravati, one kilometer from it. First one can reach the Indravati coast through a dense forest and thorny path, which is a very inaccessible 2 way. Whereas from the other end of the bridge one-and-a-half-two kilometers. On moving along with the flow of the river, giving a unique, very beautiful and exciting feeling, the flow of Indravati splits into seven parts and the beautiful waterfalls flowing silver in the depths from the rough rocks, which can make any tourist's mind. Due to its natural beauty, it is able to bind. -

Here both the text of Indravati is very detailed and about one kilometer. Rocky rocks' are spread in the area. The villagers of the area have put wood in the form of bridges on the narrow high rocks on either side of the main stream at some places. Standing at any place and looking away. The hills on both sides of the river and the bridge connecting the two ends of the water flow, in which Indravati, who is called the life-giver of Bastar, with the greenness of Taru Pallava on the stagnant water. 

As soon as you turn your eyes where the rocky part starts, Irregularly shaped rocks at seven different sites Due to water flow, deep ditches remain in the form of waterways and on different waterfalls makes. Then one by one, all the water streams again flow through the sandy banks in the form of water flow - towards a new direction. I lose my existence. The entire Chaduthani part gets submerged,

Due to which the existence of the Satdhar Falls disappears during the rainy season, and from September-October immediately after the rainy season, the unique beauty is seen here. After the rainy season, the amount of water remains high, where even after the fall in the height of the waterfall, the splash of tiny water particles is seen to a great height by dividing it into seven streams, which when approaching gives coolness to the innermost level. Even the erosion of rocky rocks far and wide once binds the mind.

The beauty of this unique gift of nature, Satadhar, can be seen standing from one place. After , the water flow becomes very weak till before the rainy season.

If the tourist visits the Satadhar Falls once; The rugged forest here, the wide rock area in which is divided into seven streams, the water flow of the Indravati river and the beautiful incomparable beauty of the Satadhar Falls in a group form is unforgettable.

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