Ancient Temple one of the Hidden Gem of Bastar

Hello Reader ,This is the article on  history of Monument Temple in NarayanPal of Bastar Disrict In Chhattishgarh ,A one of the Hidden Gems of Bastar ,

 From the point of view of tourism, Bastar not only satisfies the curiosity of tourists, but also shows a glimpse of the history, tourism of cultural and spiritual places. Like Barsur, Dantewada, Dhanora, Jagdalpur, the temple of Narayanpal is known as a priceless heritage of ancient era architecture. Narayanpal village is situated on the other end of Indravati adjoining Chitrakote Falls on the north-west direction from Jagdalpur, which is only 43 kms from Jagdalpur. Is situated at this distance. There is an ancient huge and grand temple in this village, which has been built for thousands of years and is an excellent specimen of architecture.

 In the eleventh century, the city of Barsur was the capital of the Chhindak dynasty kings. In his lineage there was a king Jagdesh Dharavarsha, whose chief Amatya had built the Chandraditya temple at Barsur. King Jagdesh Dharavarsha was the ultimate worshiper of Shiva. He got many Shiva temples built during his lifetime. According to historical records, King Someshwar Dev, son of King Jagdesh Dharavarsha, changed his capital from Barsur and established it at Chakrakot.

Nearby is the confluence of the river Indravati and another orange river, where seeing the sight of the confluence of the two rivers, Maharani Gund Mahadevi, also known as Mumundadevi, mother of King Someshwar Dev and wife of the supreme Shiva devotee King Jagdesh Dharavarsha- expressed his desire to build a temple of Lord Vishnu at this site. In the year 1111 AD, Lord Vishnu is done near this confluence place, the existence of the soul inside the living body became an absolutely necessary temple.

At that time the architecture in the Orissa province was very rich, and the artisans called from there had built temples at many places in Bastar, the name of a small village inhabited near Vishnu temple also became Narayanpur after the construction of this Narayan temple, Which later on is now famous as Narayanpal.

It is known from the records related to this Vishnu temple of Narayanpal that the land near Kharjuri tank was donated to 'Narayanpur village and Lord Lokeshwar for the maintenance and other expenses of this temple. This donation was given on October 18, 1111, i.e. on Thursday, Purnima, Kartik month, Vikram Samvat 1033. King Kanhardev, the grandson of Queen Mumundadevi, was sitting on the throne of the kingdom at that time, who issued the donation.

Narayanpal temple is the only temple in Bastar district, where the idol of Lord Vishnu is installed, Maharani Mumundadevi was also a great worshiper of Shiva according to her husband, but she got the embodiment of Vishnu installed in this temple, so that the religious people can show their reverence and devotion. To be able to manifest the corporeal form of God by worshiping him.

Archaeologist Prof. Shivprakash Tiwari has named the construction style of Narayanpal temple as 'Sharari Style', according to him, "Just as the body is decorated with various costumes, in the same way the temple is adorned with artistic creations. That soul is the deity established within the temple." There is an idol. Therefore, after the construction of the temple, a grand ceremony of consecration of life takes place in the idol in the Vedic manner. A clear impression of the Orissa style is visible in this temple, built by masons from Orissa.

A unique mixture of Nagara style, Dravidian style and Besar style is visible in the temples and other construction works built in different regions of Bastar. From the point of view of architecture, the temple of Narayanpal is a priceless heritage of Bastar. In the absence of proper maintenance, where the Battisa temple of Barsoor had reached a very dilapidated condition, many temples have been destroyed. The Vishwakarma temple of Dodrepal, the Shiv temple of Chingitarai have reached the state of ruin, while the Vishnu temple of Narayanpal is still preserved as a heritage of architectural art. The temple of Narayanpal, built in the Orissa style or Chalukya style, is completely built of stone blocks. This temple has been built on the Vedika.

Climbing the stairs one enters the Ardhamandapa. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple is situated ahead from where the mandapasthala is located. The mandapa part of this temple is made of huge stone blocks. The summit of the sanctum sanctorum is very huge and beautiful. The main temple is containing the Saptrath. On the top of the temple there is a roof-like excavated amalaka, on which the stone urn is situated.

Attractive statues were studded in many sections all around the Shikhar section of this temple, at present many idols have disappeared.

Many temples of Bastar have been built in Chalukya style. Like other temples, the idol of Ganesh ji is studded on the upper panel of the main entrance of this temple. In the sanctum sanctorum, an attractive idol of Lord Vishnu is installed in a corporeal form. There is also a stone inscription of Queen Mumundadevi in ​​the inner part.

Idols of many deities are also kept in other Matagudi of village Narayanpal. Which tourists can see with the help of a villager. For tourists interested in archeology and for those who have faith and belief in religion, the tourism of Narayanpal can be represented as an ideal destination. There are two routes to reach Narayanpal. If the tourist wants to do as a tourist group, then it is convenient to visit Chitrakote Falls, Chitradhara near Potanar, Mendri Ghoomar on Mardoom road and Narayanpal with Tamdaghoomar near Mardoom.

34 KM from Jagdalpur. Away from Usribeda, the right-hand route reaches Chondi Ghat on the Indravati River. Crossing the river 3 km One can reach Narayanpal by covering a distance of Rs. The pier has boat facility, allowing motor cycles or other two wheelers to be crossed by boats by boatmen. If you have to go by jeep car, then cross the river by boat and go 3 km. Have to walk. Another route to reach Narayanpal is from Jagdalpur on the Raipur National Highway between Bastar and Bhanpuri on a left side road leading directly to Narayanpal. The total distance from this route is 56 kms. and can be reached directly to Narayanpal by all types of vehicles.

Narayanpal is a small village of archaeological importance situated in the rural area. The famous Aasthanagari of ancient era is currently deprived of new facilities. Therefore, it is advisable to go after arranging refreshments and food during Narayanpal's tour. Narayanpal is a site of archaeological importance. Bastar's only Vishnu temple is here, which is the finest specimen of architecture. Winter or summer season is ideal for a stay here.

The temple established in 1111 AD, contemporary of Khujraho, is still under the protection of the Archaeological Department, but there is a lack of special facilities. The administration can develop Narayanpal as a major tourist center by developing other facilities up to Chondi Ghat on the Indravati bank. The confluence of Indravati and Narangi river is another attractive place to attract tourists. According to the legend, a basement is built under the sanctum sanctorum of this Vishnu temple, in which there is a great store of wealth, but only a lucky one will be able to get this wealth tied to some talisman.

According to religious beliefs, digging a well, pond, building a temple, a dharamshala is an act of virtue and it leads to heaven. According to these beliefs, the remains of many ponds and temples and idols are also found in the villages around Narayanpal. Many ponds and idols can be seen everywhere in the nearby village of East and West Temra.


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