A dog with twenty one nails..! in Bastar


As soon as the child is born, it is so innocent that the innocence of the little puppy touches the heart and the child takes the puppy in his arms and brings him home. Children deeply understand the feeling of friendship in a puppy. Man is familiar with the dog's friendly spirit and loyal quality since childhood, that is why only dog ​​has become a true companion of man among animals.

Therefore Dharmaraja Yudhishthira also refused to ascend to heaven without a dog. The Kukur Deul temple built on the tomb of a dog in Balod district speaks of the dog's devotion to the Banjara in medieval times.

Whenever man said for entertainment or hunted for a living, then there was definitely the participation of the dog in that hunt. Such hunting markings are found in the idol craft of Bastar. Today the dog is a prominent member in the tribal family of Bastar. Living in a remote, dense forest, it becomes necessary to have a dog in the house for protection and warning. When the Bastaria tribal goes out of the house, when the owner hears the call of Dud Dud, the pet dog also comes with alertness and keeps walking back and forth throughout the road. I can also imagine such a scene in a thousand years old statue of everyday life. Got to see

Almost everyone's childhood in the village is spent with the puppies of dogs. The elders definitely used to say that a dog with 21 nails is good and we would say to the puppy - give the paw, and the dog's son would put the paw in our hands, and then we started counting his nails.

Do you know why our elders said that only a dog with 21 nails should be kept. After all, where did this belief and talk come from?

Actually this belief has been prevalent for centuries and there is a solid basis behind this belief. maybe that's why

 "Varahamihira also describes it that a dog who has five nails in three legs and six nails in the remaining right one leg, the front part of the lips and nose should be like a copper color, which has a movement like a lion, The one who walks sniffing the ground, has enough hair on the tail, whose eyes are like a bear and both ears are long and soft, such a dog brings prosperity in the house of his master. That the bitch who has five nails in three legs and six nails in the next left foot, eyes like a flower of Mallika or Bela, crooked tail, yellow complexion and long ears, then she is proven to protect the lord's kingdom. it occurs." (Context – Footnote Shri Krishna Firefly Sir Mansollas Part Three Page 227,228)

Of course, we have known these things since childhood, but to get acquainted with the basic reasons behind these things, today it was possible only through the teaching of a classic work like Mansolas.

Someswara III, the Chalukya king of Kalyani, has given a very interesting description of the qualities of the dog, the characteristics of the dogs of different regions, its usefulness in hunting in Mansollas. He has termed it as Sarmabhuva Vinod.

We will always be grateful to Shri Krishna Jugnu Sir that he has presented this rare Sanskrit book with such a pleasing translation, due to which we are able to know the root reasons behind the indelible culture of all Indian society.

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